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S.no Tender Title Name of Work Tender Start Date. Last Date Of Submission. Tender Details.
1 2020_UAD_93080_1 The work of marketing , operation & Maintenance of project lake Nectar including related visitore amenities under Satna Smart Ci9ty ABD area, on PPP mpde at Satna, Madhya Pradesh. 16-07-2020 17-08-2020 Download
2 2020_UAD_88099_1 Selection of Implementation Agency for the Setup and Manage an Incubation Center at Satna Smart City 05-05-2020 15-07-2020 Download
3 ADVERTISEMENT for ITMS Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) || VMS ADVERTISEMENT 21-06-2020 02-07-2020 Download
4 2020_UAD_93018_1 Selection of Agency for implementation and operations of City App and Information Dissemination for various Municipal Services in Satna 2nd Call 10-06-2020 23-07-2020 Download
5 2019_UAD_88099_1 Selection of Implementation Request agency for the setup and manage an Incubation center at satna smart city 05-05-2020 05-12-2020 Download
6 2019_UAD_90845_1 Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Development & Marketing of Baghelkhand Art & Craft Centre (BACC) - Cement Museum and all Associated Infrastructure works including Operation and Maintenance of entire facility for period of Five Years in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. 27-05-2020 20-07-2020 Download
7 2019_UAD_54596_1 Construction of Lake Nectar under Smart City Area Based Development consisting of works RCC, Architectural Finishes, MEP Services, Landscape works on Engineering, Procurement & Construction Basis including Post Completion Operation Maintenance of project for 3 year. 3 years”. 26-09-2019 08-11-2019 Download
8 2019_UAD_43905_1 Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Gas Hydrant and Sprinkler based Fire Suppression and Fire Safety System for Control/Command Centre and Satna Smart City Office (Second Call). 29-06-2019 22-07-2019 Download
9 2019_UAD_64464_1 Construction, Development, Operation & Maintenance of BACC in ABD area, Satna Smart City. 19-11-2019 28-12-2019 Download
10 2019_UAD_14117_1 Repair Maintenance and Renovation of Government Schol in Pan City Area Satna 11-02-2019 23-12-2019 Download
11 2019_UAD_57260_1 Repiar and Refurbushment of Rotaries/Open Space in Juctions Under ITMS, Satna 11-10-2019 31-10-2019 Download
12 2019_UAD_54321_1 Repair Manintenance and Renovation of government school in pan city area Phase 2 19-10-2020 03-01-2020 Download
13 2020_UAD_73987_1 Selection of Agency to prepare Property tax Register based on GIS & Multi-Purpose Household Survay with technical holdholding support in Satna City. 10-01-2020 12-02-2020 Download
14 2019_UAD_64464_1 Expression of Interest for Construction Development opretion and maintenance of Baghelkhand Art and Craft Center and Cement Museum in ABD Area Satna Smart City 24-12-2019 03-01-2020 Download
15 2020_UAD_77978_1 Supply and fixing of furniture at smart classes for Government school under smart school project in pan city Satna. 03-02-2020 12-02-2020 Download
16 2020_UAD_80880_1 Selection of System Integrator for supply Installation, Integration and Commissioning of Intelligent Water Supply Management with SCADA in Pan City, Satna 20-02-2020 15-07-2020 Download
17 2020_UAD_82210_1 ICCC premises Electrification & SPV office Furniture. 29-02-2020 23-03-2020 Download
18 2020_UAD_82993_1 Request for proposal for selection rary of Implementation agency for supply, Installation and Management of Digital Library with Library management software LibMS in the PAN city Satna, 05-03-2020 15-07-2020 Download