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Upcoming Project

Incubation Center in Satna

Satna Smart City project is running its implementation stage and to scale the existing technologies and to provide innovative solutions there is a need for the start-ups, existing MSMEs, especially lock industry and budding entrepreneurs to participate in this activity. Thus, setting up an Incubation Center in the city will provide budding entrepreneurs a requisite ecosystem at their disposal where they will be able to replicate their business ideas as well as help unskilled local people to be skilled manpower by various skill development programs. Apart from this standardization and recognition of prior skill, the RFP is intended to examine the market feasibility of an incubator in the city and to recommend appropriate strategies for the design and operation of the facility.

With the rapid evolution of Digital transformation, the entities will uncover limitless possibilities to drive innovation, growth and jobs of the future by developing ideas, prototypes and innovative solution approach. So, needless to say that a collaborative approach amongst the Institutes, Technology leaders and the community can play a huge role in the long-term impact towards qualitative improvement of the society in the following way:

1. Innovative solutions and its implementation into the society

2. Jobs Creation

3. Elevating the local economy

Smart Library

Under Process.

Water SCADA in Satna

Under Process.

Tax register on GIS

Under Process.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking under process to tender.