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Completed Projects

Gas Hydrant and Sprinkler fire safety system

Fire Protection System

Our range of products include Fire Protection System such as Fire Carbon Dioxide System, Fire Hydrant Systems, Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Suppression System, Foam Based Fire System, Gas Based Fire System and many more items.

Wet sprinkler systems are essential in buildings as they will help prevent the spread of fires while saving lives and properties. Our sprinklers are equipped with the latest technology and will respond quickly in the event of a fire.

Contraction of ICCC, Satna

Project Vision:

Satna Smart City Development Limited has the provision of an Integrated City Command and Control Centre (ICCC) to run the city operations. This will be used for making the city smarter in terms of managing operations of the smart components installed across the city. This will finally benefit citizens of the city using ICT as backbone and by achieving seamless integration with all the required & existing ICT systems / Smart components. The Common Cloud based Data Centre for Smart Cities (CCDCSC) along with the ICCC in the city is planned considering the centralized repository and the best usage of resources of the city.

The Integrated City Command and Control Centre for the Satna city currently being operative under the supervision of Satna Smart City Development Limited (SSCDL) has been set up in Collector Building, Satna (M.P.)

Project Objectives:

Common Cloud based Data Centre for Smart Cities and ICCC are being established to fulfill the following objectives:

(1.) Single source of truth for the city‘s civic functions.

(2.)Platform with the ability to receive, intelligently correlate & share information to better predict outcomes.

(3.) Act as City‘s emergency and disaster management platform.

(4.) Ability to integrate multiple text, voice, data, video and smart sensors communication interfaces.

(5.) Ability to integrate and correlate online and offline interactions.

(6.) Capabilities to support GIS based incidents visualization.

(7.) Future proof – based on Modular, Open, Configurable architecture with capabilities to integrate innovative new applications Intelligent and Intuitive work-flow management.

(8.) Advanced historical records management and archiving capabilities.

(9.) Advanced industrial grade cyber security features.

Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC)

A. The vision of the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) is to have an integrated view of all the smart initiatives undertaken by SSCDL based organizations, with the focus to serve as a decision support engine for city administrators in day to day operations or during exigency situations. This dynamic response to situations, both pre-active and re-active will truly make the city operations “SMART”.

B. Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) involves leveraging on the information provided by various departments and providing a comprehensive response mechanism for the day-to-day challenges across the city. ICCC shall be a fully integrated, web-based solution that provides seamless incident – response management, collaboration and geo-spatial display.

C. ICCC shall facilitate the viewing and controlling mechanism for the selected field locations in a fully automated environment for optimized monitoring, regulation and enforcement of services. The ICCC shall be accessible by operators and concerned authorized entities with necessary authentication credentials.

D.. Various smart elements are able to use the data and intelligence gathered from operations of other elements so that civic services are delivered lot more efficiently and in an informed fashion.

Repair and maintenance of school / class room

A. Innovative Education Solutions: Innovative Education Solutions which transforms traditional classrooms into engaging, learner-centric environment by integrating state-of-the-art digital infrastructure and professionally-developed multimedia learning content.

B. School Management Solutions: School Management Solutions will provide a powerful, user-friendly platform for managing man, money and material of an educational institution. School Management System should be designed to automate the process of school from

  • Student admission to examination management integrated with school management dashboard.
  • Course management to schedule management as part of Learning Management System
  • Security, Surveillance, Attendance Management, Wi-Fi facilities etc.

C. Live Lectures/Virtual Learning: Providing a platform for the Subject Experts, to deliver expert lectures in a live environment anytime, anywhere with a facility to multiple students from remote areas to join in, and avail the learning, raise queries, enhance their knowledge using an interactive way of learning.

Integrated Traffic Management System(ITMS)

Integrated Traffic Management System(ITMS) Satna Smart City Proposal puts major emphasis on Traffic Management in the city. One of the major focus area is to improve the traffic situation in the city. Traffic Management project proposed in the SCP captures projects related to installation of synchronized traffic signal, variable message displays, traffic violation and enforcement etc. Major projects mentioned under Traffic Management are as follows-

A. Smart Traffic Management System: Adaptive and intelligent trafficsignaling and control at pedestrian crossings, road intersections and other places that communicate with centrally managed and networked system and adapt to changing traffic condition to control the flow of traffic and reduce the amount of time that vehicles spend idling.

B. Variable Message Display: Digitally synchronized variable message displays will help authority to inform citizen about the traffic situation in the city. Also through VMDs, authorities will be able to inform citizens about any emergency situation arising in the city.

C. Traffic Violation Detection and Enforcement System: Traffic violation detection and enforcement system enables traffic police department and municipal authorities to enforce traffic rules and fine offenders. The system will enforce the adherence to traffic rules through lane enforcement, red light enforcement, speed limit enforcement, number plate recognition etc. integrated with e-challan system thereby, improving the road safety

D. Red Light Violation Detection System: Red Light Violation Detection System is a mass surveillance system that automatically capture the Image of vehicle violating the traffic rules. RLVD system automatically captures images of vehicle from backside with license plate numbers and performs OCR (optical character recognition) on images to read the license plates on vehicles. RLVD continuously monitors the traffic signal, and camera is itself triggered by any vehicle passing over the sensors at specified time after signal has turned red.

E. Emergency Call Box: An emergency telephone is a phone specifically provided for making calls to emergency services and is most often found in a place of special danger or where it is likely that there will be a need to make emergency calls. This provides safety to Satna citizens as well as to report any accidents etc.

F. CCTV Surveillance:Satna SCP proposes to install CCTV surveillance cameras at every entry/exit point of the city along with installation of cameras at important strategic location across the city. The cameras will be integrated will the Command and control centre. The video feeds will be stored in the video management system for the specified period of time. Data analytics would be run on the feed obtained from the camera which will help authorities to act more proactively